The Zach Sutton Experience

The Zach Sutton Experience is a group of musicians led and directed by Zach Sutton. They specialize in Jazz and Pop but are also incredibly versatile and can play/sing practically any style from Gospel to Country to Blues. Most of these musicians have been playing with Zach for several years now, but the group was just recently formed earlier this year. The members of this group come from different states, and different walks of life. They are not only good friends, but also truly creative and talented individuals in their own right. They have united for a common goal and purpose to create incredible music, memorable moments, and life-long experiences.  

Zach Sutton - PianoNick Phillips - VocalsSydney Serpan-VocalsDr. Mark Reighard-Piano
Rebekah Jeong - VocalsJohn McCall - BassJared Gilreath - GuitarCaleb Swanigan - Drums